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jennifer long's mission

is to create a voice over work with an emotionally-resonant tone that makes client's feel good about their project. At the surface, it's about fun and creativity, but I also care a lot about the delivery and building a relationship with client friends -- because that's pretty imperative to providing the best customer experience. My goal is to build more than an a transaction but a relationship. 

I believe words are powerful. They can be used to convey all types of messages -- hope, fear, happiness, or sadness. Once scripted, it's my job to bring those words to life. To transform them into an emotionally resonate tone that moves the listener. My clients know that when they have curated me for a project their stories and messages will transform from a simple printed script to an artistic reality.


My versatile and elevated philosophy on voice overs has transformed countless projects around the world from commercials, explainer videos, narrations, e-Learning, IVR's and other voice projects. I have been curated by some of the biggest brands including Forbes, AT&T,  Ford, Marriott, Publix, Gymboree, Playtex, Lenscrafters and Skinny Cow. 


For a full collection of my projects and demos --  click here 

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